Saturday, April 01, 2006

Three Times

Watched this at the newly furbished Picturehouse. Only the ticket sales and cinemas are open on the 5th and 6th floor. The rest of the shops are not ready for business yet.

There are three short stories in TT and they have different themes and set in different eras: "A Time of Love" in 1966, "A Time of Freedom" in 1911 and "A Time of Youth" in 2005.

ATOL is about an NS guy's search for a billiard ball assistant whom he had a game before. ATOF is about the life of a prostitute and it describes the incidents that lead to the fall of Taiwan to Japan through her client. ATOY is about a complicated love triangle in the Taipei city.

Liked the '60s music in ATOL and the nice costume worn by the billiard ball assistants! The opera music in ATOF was interesting and the theme was expressed pretty well through both the loss of freedom of a country and that of a person! Didn't really like ATOY as I thought the music sounded terrible and there was nothing special about the plain citylife scenery.

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