Thursday, April 13, 2006

SIFF Opening Film

Caught this year's Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) opening film at Lido. This year's opening film is a Malaysian short film "My Beautiful Rambutan Tree in Tanjung Rambutan" and a Lebanese film "Kiss Me Not On The Eyes".

MBRTTR is about sibling love/rivalry and describes how a rambutan tree came to grow in a family's garden under very unusual circumstances. Liked how the director builds up tension in the film through the little things that the brothers and sisters do!

KMNOTE is about how a young woman prepared for a dance competition and studied poetry at the same time. It is also about her journey in finding herself in the process. My favorite scenes are those with the dancing coach teaching Dunia how to dance! Very nice dancing movements where she sways her body like a sinusoidal curve on an oscilloscope! Also liked the pulsating drum beats that accompanied the dance!

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