Saturday, December 15, 2012

Old Romances

This is a sequel to "Old Places" and it is about old places in Singapore, some of which are not around any more.

Liked the nice voice over narration as well as the interesting people and places featured in the film! Might visit some of them when I have the time!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Catherine Listening to the Rain

The story is about the relationship between a mother and a daughter. Both had husbands who neglected them and both of them described their plights through fairy tales that they passed down to their daughters.

Liked the parallels drawn between the two generations and how Catherine managed to change the ending of the story in the end!

Child's Play

The story is about how an only child who lived with his step mother coped with his loneliness by playing with an imaginary friend.

Liked the suspense and the portrayal of the psychological impact of a broken family to a child in the film! Great acting by the step mother!

The Man in the Cupboard

The story is about how a couple met each other and got married but slowly drifted further apart. The man hid in a cupboard in an attempt to murder his wife.

Liked the interesting dating sequences and how the husband tried to cover his tracks! Nice quote from "Heart of Darkness"!