Friday, April 14, 2006

We Feed the World

This is a documentary on how the agriculture industry and food industry is affected by globalisation.

There are many unusual practices:
1. Truck loads of bread are being thrown away although they are just a few days old.
2. Maize is grown to be burnt as fuel.
3. Large areas of rainforests in Brazil are being cleared to plant soya that is used for chicken feed in European countries.

From the interviews of poor starving people, one can tell how bad conditions are by looking at their dog which is really very skinny! There is also quite a lengthy footage on how chickens are factory farmed.

Very surprised that the little chickens are transported along the factory line like commodities! I also felt sad when one of the workers described how they are slaughtered. The chickens are hung upside down, dipped in water to be electric-shocked and had their throats slit by a sharp rotating blade.

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