Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai

The story is about how the life of a woman called Sachiko Hanai has changed after being hit by a bullet in the head. She becomes super-smart and gets involved with something that affects the whole world.

There is quite a bit of deadpan humour in this film! It even features president George Bush as a man in a mask! Animation and puppet figures are used effectively to depict how absurdly powerful the US forces have become and how they like to show off their strength to other countries. Many scenes are also exaggerated to look unrealistic to highlight how chaotic the world has become.

After being shot by the bullet, Sachiko is unable to synchronise her actions with her feelings. I think it signifies the apathy that young people have with this world and the grave consequences that could follow. People can also look inside her bullet-hole head to see the ideal world that they like to live in.

Sachiko was a call-girl who play-acted as a home tutor before the bullet incident happened. After the incident, she became very knowledgeable and was much more qualified in her role. There are many sex scenes in the film which seem redundant but they are important to show how boring life has become and the men are looking towards Sachiko as a figure of authority and someone whom they can cuddle with, like a baby in a mother's arms.

The ending is very interesting with Sachiko swallowing up the world, perhaps in a dream sequence. I interpret it to mean that she has become mother nature herself and the cycle of life and death has finally completed.

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