Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lim Boon Heng Cup (Day Two)

Game 6: vs Rosalind
An easy game as Rosalind had not been playing for a while and was quite rusty. Had to clarify the rules for her as she didn't seem to be familiar with them. She actually requested to play in the recreational division but was refused because of her ratings attained in 1999! Also heard that Kok Onn's request to play in the intermediate division was refused as he only started playing competitively after the LBH cup cut-off date. Guess the ratings system has its limitation to eliminate both under-qualified and over-qualified players in a particular division.

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: - Opp Bingos: -
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: IL*(ch)
My High Moves: AWAY(35), YEH(33), BRAVeD(34) CLEAN(30) Opp High Moves: -
W 423-291, +132. 3W 3L (Accum spread +76).

Game 7: vs JoBeth Pan
Was thrashed by JoBeth a few years ago at the NTU open. Had a bingo rack with AEILNRS and played NAILERS back hooking the R to an existing EME but EMER* was challenged off. Could have bingoed by front hooking to an existing TIC on the board! My opponent bingoed three times with tURRETED(62), REALTIES(82), SNORTER(73) and I lost badly!

New words learnt: ETIC, EBON(ch)
My Bingos: - Opp Bingos: tURRETED(62), REALTIES(ch)(82), SNORTER(ch)(73)
My Phoneys: EMER*(ch), LOM*(ch) Opp Phoneys: -
My High Moves: PAS(33), RACIER(36), EX(42), VOLTI(30) Opp High Moves: TIC(36)
L 346-481, -135. 3W 4L (Accum spread -59).

Game 8: vs Peter Yu
My phoney SLINT* was let off as both of us thought it was good. Peter tried to hook an S and I tried to hook a Y and both were challenged off. Later, Peter bingoed twice with SOlDiER(78) and AGONIES(67) and won easily!

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: - Opp Bingos: SOlDiER(78), AGONIES(67)
My Phoneys: SLINT*, EMED*(ch) Opp Phoneys: SLINTS*(ch)
My High Moves: ZO(35) Opp High Moves: XU(39), MED(31)
L 281-449, -168. 3W 5L (Accum spread -227).

Game 9: vs Lim Shi Min
Had a bye as my opponent did not turn up.

W 150-100, +50. 4W 5L (Accum spread -177).

Game 10: vs Sebastien Lim
Start of the King-of-the-Hill round and my second time meeting Sebastien. Both of us had one bingo each. I had TRAiNEE(66) and he had REALISE(68). Was quite confused over what the blank in TRAiNEE represented and played a silly phoney of HiI* which was challenged off. Also made a mistake of not blocking the back hook of MOC next to the TWS cell and allowed my opponent to score with SKEW(57). Just managed to win by 4 points in the end!

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: TRAiNEE(66) Opp Bingos: REALISE(68)
My Phoneys: HiI*(ch) Opp Phoneys: TAPINGS*(ch), MOCA*(ch)
My High Moves: TAJ(39), QIS(39), TAX(45) Opp High Moves: HAW(31), ZEA(32), SKEW(57)
W 373-369, +4. 5W 5L (Accum spread -173).

Game 11: vs Catherine
My second time meeting Catherine and thought I had a chance to revenge myself. Couldn't beat her in the end as she bingoed with sTrINGS(72) and scored well while not opening up the board.

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: - Opp Bingos: sTrINGS(72)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: -
My High Moves: VISA(38) Opp High Moves: CRONY(41), QI(32)
W 332-375, -43. 5W 6L (Accum spread -216).

Game 12: vs Peter Yu
My second time meeting Peter and my luck was better this time. Bingoed once with EGOtISE(80) and scored well with the J and the Q. My QUA(38) exposed the TWS cell though and allowed my opponent to score even better with FEINT(48)! Maybe should have played QAT(29) at a safer spot. Was distracted by Rosalind talking to Peter in the middle of the game but was too shy to tell her off as Peter himself didn't complain. Missed a playable bingo with a AILNST? rack at the end but played reasonably well to win.

New words learnt: HOWS(ch), TIPT(ch)
My Bingos: EGOtISE(80) Opp Bingos: -
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: -
My High Moves: JEATS(56), FEW(32), QUA(38) Opp High Moves: NICER(30), FEINT(48)
W 390-348, +42. 6W 6L (Accum spread -174).

Came in 11th position out of 16 players. Not quite an above average intermediate player yet but I hope to do better the next time to at least make it to the top half of the field!

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