Friday, April 21, 2006

Gone To a Good Home / Operation Babylift

Decided last minute to catch the 7pm screening at the National Museum as I thought I may not be able to make it on time. This is my first screening at the National Museum which has been newly renovated.

GTGH is about how unmarried mothers were forced to give up their babies for adoption from the 50s to 70s in Australia and the impact on these people many years down the road.

Liked the interviews where many personal stories were told and the re-enactment of what happened almost forty years ago!

OB is about how abandoned babies and children were airlifted from Vietnam to the Western countries for adoption during the Vietnam War.

The theme is somewhat similar to GTGH but the situation is slightly different as it is during an emergency where lives could be lost when nothing is done. Liked the interviews with the Vietnamese children who had grown up now and the news clips of that era which was incorporated in the film.

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