Sunday, December 05, 2010

Causeway Cup 2010 (Day 5)

Round 40 vs Arvinran Rajendran(Malaysia)
Lost as I had RAINERS*(64) while he had TORNADO(71) and BEZANTS(98). He said he purposely let off my RAINERS* phoney as he could score well with PRIEF(61) down the TWS lane.

Round 41 vs Philip Iboro(Nigeria)
I had VINTAGES(76) while he had ARCSINE(72) and bARITES(78). Could have won if I bingoed instead of phoneying with REFiLER*. I also made a terrible mistake by choosing not to bingo with INQUIRE as I saw that the Q was just next to the TWS cell but played QUA instead for 32 points. Thought I would most likely have another bingo later but it didn't turn out that way.

Round 42 vs Arul Inthirarajah(Singapore)
I had ANEROID(70) while he had TORMINA(72), GOITRES(91) and OUTREAD(69). Could have pulled even with ZESTS with over 70 points but played ZESTI instead as I mixed it up with XYSTI. Lost in the end.

Round 43 vs Anocha Saengsiri(Thailand)
Was pleasantly surprised to have the chance to play with Anocha! I had SEERING*(67) while she had STAMPED(93). The board was pretty closed but she won in the end.

Round 44 vs Catherine Tong(Singapore)
Won as I had one bingo GAMIEST(82) while she had none. Made a mistake as I phoneyed with RETINGE* instead of playing the bingo.

Round 45 vs Anocha Saengsiri(Thailand)
Won as I had two bingos ANNEXES(87) and RETILES(82) while she had DIAGNOSE(62). Thought it was a very good find as it was her last rack and she played it through the I on the board.

Final day results: won 2 games out of 6 and had 7 bingos while my opponents had 9 bingos in total. Missed bingos were from AEINRRS, ?EEFLRR, EEGINRS and EEGINRT racks where phoneys were played instead.

Won 23 out of 45 games in the end and was placed 41st position out of 84 players. Not too bad as I thought I would be struggling at the bottom. Would most likely be back the following year!

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