Saturday, December 04, 2010

Causeway Cup 2010 (Day 4)

Round 30 vs Mahani Mohd(Malaysia)
My opponent had LEASING(67) but I could have won if not for a terrible end game play. Could have finished with GIRO but missed the spot and my opponent outed first instead.

Round 31 vs Kay Anderson(Australia)
I had DANNIES(87) and she had TURNINGS(68). Won as I scored with JIVED(32) and KAMI(28) towards the end while she phoneyed successively with EBO* and WIE*.

Round 32 vs Brian Jones(Australia)
I had NEGATES(66) and OUTRATE(64) while he had HONKERS(73). Got away with VINCE* as my opponent said he could score well with EVINCE. Won by a little bit in the end.

Round 33 vs Saraswathi Ramm(India)
I had UNTAPED(80) and HEARTIES(85) while she had TAILORS(71). Won as I got away with DEVI* by forming HIND(44) back hooking the I to DEV while she phoneyed with MOLTIES*. She could also have formed an eight letter bingo with an existing T on the board with her rack but didn't see it.

Round 34 vs Wimal Fernando(Philippines)
I had SOUNDED(76) while he had RETRAIN(69). I also scored well with ZEBRA(83) but phoneyed next with OSH* later. Won as he made a big mistake when he played DAF* instead of FAD when I opened up with WANDS towards the end.

Round 35 vs Olga Visser(Australia)
Lost badly as I had no reply to my opponent's ECHOING(78), BONIEST(72) and LATENTS(83). Tried to play PARTIER by back hooking to BAC and DAME simultaneously to form BACA* and DAMER* but it was challenged off. I also tried later to play TORRIDS* unsuccessfully.

Round 36 vs Kashi Ross(Australia)
Won easily as I had three bingos BEARING(77), RETAILS(79) and ABALONE(69) while my opponent had none.

Round 37 vs Lee Pao Hsien(Malaysia)
I had PLUCKIER(85) while he had HANDERS(79). Won as I had all the big tiles, SAZ(37), JOIN(54), EX(38) and QI(31).

Round 38 vs Irwin Goh(Malaysia)
I had DEALERS(91) while he had LAIRISE(67). Won as I had all the big tiles, HEX(31), ZACK(72), JANN(67) and QUAD(47).

Round 39 vs Betty Eriksen(New Zealand)
I had ENTRIES(76) while she had AUNTIES(69). Won as I scored well with POTTED(57) and WEEDS(44) but phoneyed with INCISER*.

Fourth day results: won 8 games out of 10 and had 12 bingos while my opponents had 11 bingos in total. Missed bingo were from EILMOST, EILMOSTT, DIORRST and CEIINRS racks where phoneys were played instead.

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