Friday, December 03, 2010

Causeway Cup 2010 (Day 3)

Round 20 vs Catherine Tong(Singapore)
Won easily with two bingos SINGLES(69) and AERATES(79) to none from my opponent.

Round 21 vs Irwin Goh Hong Jin(Malaysia)
Both of us had two bingos each. I had INQUIRE(95) and GRAINED(82) while he had ISATINE(71) and TAILORS(67). Scored more consistently to win in the end.

Round 22 vs Ruby Sim(Singapore)
I had GENDERS(67) while she had THORNING(85). She also scored very well with EQUALS(61) and TAXIS(44) to win.

Round 23 vs Adrian Tay(Malaysia)
I had pUTTIES(76) and he had SPENDER(85). He tried unsuccessfully with FREERIDE* while I scored well with MINKS(62). He was a bit upset when I blocked his bingo rack with a low scoring LOUT(4) play and challenged it even though he was almost certain it was good. Won in the end.

Round 24 vs Kashi Ross(Australia)
I had UNRINSED(77) while she had UNGRADED(75) and SENORITA(63). I also tried unsuccessfully with REMISER* and MOATY*. Didn't realise that REMISIER* was no good too. Lost in the end.

Round 25 vs Philip Iboro(Nigeria)
I had INGOTED(85) and DEVIATE(78) while he had GOADERS(69). Had a narrow win as he also scored well with QUARK(56).

Round 26 vs Yeoh Eiu Jyn(Malaysia)
Both of us had two bingos each. I had DADDIES(68) and LONELIER(70) while he had SHOEING(85) and SOOTIEST(66). Lost as he also scored very well with ZEE(50).

Round 27 vs Philip Iboro(Nigeria)
Lost as I had no reply to his SNORTERS(64) and SEZ(45).

Round 28 vs Yeoh Eiu Jyn(Malaysia)
I had two bingos TENTERS(78) and GOALIES(70) but he had RANTINGS(60) and scored well with EXIST(57) and JIN(35). Lost as I tried unsuccessfully with FARTIER* and TARRIF*.

Round 29 vs Ruby Sim(Singapore)
I had GOATIER(67) while she had nETTIES(86). Lost even though she phoneyed with MAAL*.

Third day results: won 4 games out of 10 and had 14 bingos while my opponents had 12 bingos in total. Missed bingo was from EEIMRRS racks where a phoney was played instead.

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