Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Causeway Cup 2010 (Day 1)

Played in the Causeway Cup four years ago which featured 20 games over three days. This time round 45 games were played over a period of five days. The Open section had 84 players and we were divided into groups of six where we played round robin against each other. A regroup into a next group of six was then done based on our results.

Round 1 vs Aganaba Mathew(Nigeria)
Had an easy game as I bingoed with RESAILS(77) and my opponent missed a bingo with an ACEINRS rack and phoneyed with CRAINES* instead. He bingoed with ATONIES(71) later but it was too late for him to catch up.

Round 2 vs Chim Wai Main(Malaysia)
I bingoed with DRAINER(69) while my opponent had SHEARING(62) and SAUTOIRE(71). Then I spotted a nine-timer play with REISSUES(113) to catch up. Managed to win by a bit in the end.

Round 3 vs Akomobong Okoridem(Nigeria)
I had LASERED(75) while he had DETAINEE(77) and PLACENTA(81). I was pretty impressed by his PLACENTA find which he played through an existing P to touch the TWS cell. Lost in the end.

Round 4 vs Sharon Sorensen(Australia)
I had LEADIEST(64) and she had MOSSING(80) and MAGGOTY(69). Lost badly as I tried to bingo with TREADIER* unsuccessfully later.

Round 5 vs Hardy Yohanes(Indonesia)
Was trailing when he bingoed with SORTIES(74) but when he played LIEU to have the L on the TWS lane, I bingoed with the second nine-timer of the day with RETAILED(140) and overtook him. Won comfortably in the end. Won 3 games and lost 2 in my first round robin group.

Round 6 vs Betty Erickson(New Zealand)
I had AUNTIES(61) and SPEARING(69) while she had RAIDERS(85) and SOLSTICE(75). She tried unsuccessfully to bingo with COILIEST* before her SOLTICE(75) bingo. Won by a bit in the end.

Round 7 vs Lim Sha Lyn(Malaysia)
Was surprised to see the current world champion Pakorn come personally to see how my opponent was doing before the game. Realised only later that she was his girlfriend. Lost badly as she bingoed with ENDORSE(69) and PARADES(72) while I phoneyed with REWIEST*.

Round 8 vs Valliammah Thambiayah(Singapore)
Won easily with 3 bingos, FADINGS(89), ENTRIES(79) and DISSENT(66) while my opponent had none. Made a mistake with a phoney FUNGAE* though.

Round 9 vs Yeoh Eiu Jyn(Malaysia)
My opponent's two sisters and mother were playing in the Open section as well! Hope to play with her sisters in the next few days! Lost badly as he had two bingos with NARTJIES(87) and GRANITE(70) while I only had RAINIER(74).

Round 10 vs Kashi Ross(Australia)
Lost easily as I had no answer to her two bingos: SLANTED(80) and BOILERS(67). Won 2 games and lost 3 in my second round robin group.

First day result: won 5 games out of 9 and had 12 bingos while my opponents had 16 bingos in total. Missed bingos were from ACEINRS and EEIRSTW racks where phoneys were played instead.

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