Thursday, December 02, 2010

Causeway Cup 2010 (Day 2)

Round 11 vs Yeoh Eiu Jyn(Malaysia)
Phoneyed with DELITES* and both of us had one bingo each. He had UNHIrED(66) while I had BORINGS(106). Think I could have played better in my end game as he managed to clear both his Cs and a K with quite a high score to win by a small margin.

Round 12 vs Olga Visser(Australia)
Won easily with two bingos: FEASTED(71) and COINED(61) to none from my opponent. Made a mistake with a CLAWY* phoney though.

Round 13 vs Vijayaraj Mahendra(Malaysia)
Won easily with two bingos REISSUE(77) and BASTION(81) to one bingo UNDERLAY(69) from my opponent.

Round 14 vs Arul Inthirarajah(Singapore)
I had INSIDER(62) while he had RAFFISH(98). I also tried unsuccessfully with CEASIER*. Lost but was looking forward to playing a cute girl, Anocha, from Thailand in our group!

Round 15 vs Valliammah Thambiayah(Singapore)
My previous opponent, Arul, said I could not get any unluckier. A regroup into groups of four has been made. Instead of playing with Anocha, I had a rematch with Valli instead and she won this time round! I had VENTURED(63) and VEX(51) while she had SAILORS(64) and DOZERS(51).

Round 16 vs Catherine Tong(Singapore)
Won with two bingos UNHIRED(77) and FELINES(71) to my opponent's SMOKING(67).

Round 17 vs Roy Malonzo(Philippines)
Won with WEEDIER(86) and ZEIN(66) to my opponent's MOTHERS(72).

Round 18 vs Maureen See(Australia)
Lost with ELATION(70) to my opponent's CAULKED(86) and FORESAIL(77).

Round 19 vs Nutt Treepoonsuk(Thailand)
This game was filled with phoneys. He phoneyed twice with COVERNS* and STRONGS* while I phoneyed with DERBING*. Wanted to try INBREEDS next as he changed but thought it looked too strange to be good. I even put down the tiles but took it back and played HERB instead to touch the TWS cell. He won easily with SHORTEN(79) and ANEROIDS(80) and told me after the game that he knew that INBREEDS was good. Should have gone with my instincts!

Second day results: won 4 games out of 10 and had 11 bingos while my opponents had 10 bingos in total. Missed bingos were from DEEILST AND BDEGINR racks where phoneys were played instead.

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