Saturday, September 24, 2005

Be With Me

Went to watch the film as Ezann Lee is acting in it! There are three subplots in the film and they share a common theme: a longing for our loved ones. "Meant To Be" is about a lonely old provision shopkeeper. "Finding Love" is about a middle aged security guard who secretly admires someone working in the same building as he does. "So In Love" is about how the relationship between two teenage girls changes over time.

BWM is inspired by an extra-ordinary woman, Theresa Chan, who is both blind and deaf but still manages to lead an independent life. She is also the glue that joins the three stories together. Her story reminds me of The Land of Silence and Darkness which I saw not long ago.

I like the nice piano soundtrack and the minimal use of dialogue to convey the message! Ezann Lee and the security guard acted very well! Samantha looks quite pretty too! Some minus points are too many close-ups and information overload in the subtitles. Highly recommended!

Internet Movie Database Link
Review with nice movie stills!

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