Friday, September 02, 2005

The Woodsman

The film is about how an ex-offender adjusts back to society despite constant temptation to return back to his evil ways and prejudice from other co-workers.

Kevin Bacon plays the lead character in TW. We see him working quietly by himself in the lumber yard, having therapy with his psychologist and watching the activities at the school across his home. A female co-worker and a police sergeant would sometimes visit him to see how he is doing.

Great acting by Kevin Bacon! His facial expression allows the audience feel his struggles to lead a "normal" life. It reminds me of his performance in "Hollow Man" where he acted as a man who turned invisible in an experiment and was tempted to do things that he would normally not do.

The conversations with the psychologist and the police sergeant are quite interesting too! Also liked the touching scene with Kevin Bacon sitting on the bench in the park talking to someone towards the end of the film!

Afternote: Check out that describes events that aim to help ex-offenders. I saw the ads when I was taking the bus home.

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