Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Bow

Saw this at the Korean film festival in Orchard Cineleisure. The story is about a 60 year old man and a 16 year old girl living on a boat together. The old man is waiting for the girl to reach 17 years old to marry her. Meanwhile, outsiders would pay to come on board to fish and stay a few days. The relationship between the girl and the old man changes when a college guy gets on board the ship.

This is a quiet film where the two lead characters hardly speak at all but the expressions on their faces say a lot about what they feel. I think it is interesting how the bow is used both as a weapon and a musical instrument! The same bow is used by the old man to shoot at people who harass the girl, as well as to play music when he is bored. The way the old man helps his customers tell their fortune is also very innovative!

The director Kim Ki Duk has taken ideas from his previous films and put it in this one. The setting is similar to The Isle where people fish on a quite lake, the same actress acted in Samaritan Girl, the quiet couple reminds me of 3 Iron and scenes where people peep through the window reminds me of Bad Guy. I think KKD has toned his film down quite a bit in terms of sex and violence since his early days. TI and BG had a R21 rating, SG was M18, 3I and TB both has an NC16 rating.

The ending is very well done and I like the surprise twist at the end where the arrow fell from the sky and something happened!

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