Monday, August 22, 2005

The Land of Silence and Darkness

This 1971 documentary by German director, Werner Herzog, is about the lives of people who are both blind and deaf. The story is told through a middle aged woman who became blind and deaf during her teens. She actively organises outings for people who have similar disabilities.

Interesting to learn how they communicate through braille drawn on the hand and fingers of the receiver! The film shows a couple of their adventures: flying on a plane, touching the cactus (ouch!), feeding the elephant and carrying a monkey. We learn that these people can lead a normal life despite their disabilities.

The film also shows the plight of the minority who are abandoned at homes and how difficult it is to teach children who are born deaf and blind. I realised how fortunate we are. It also made me empathise better with Kelvin Tan, the visually challenged contestant of project Superstar.

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Stefan S said...

Hi there, you went for the SFS screening too?

jkqxz said...

Hi ss! Yes, I saw the film at the SFS screening. By the way, I got the babelfish and weather pixie idea by reading your site!