Wednesday, September 07, 2005

March of the Penguins

An interesting French documentary about the Emperor Penguins living in the polar regions. Not sure whether is it North or South pole though. I guess it is the North pole as I didn't see any polar bears around.

What makes this different from regular documentaries is the use of songs and first person narration to tell the story. This allows us to feel closer to the penguins rather than cold facts and figures. Didn't realise that the penguins have to travel so much during their life! They look like elegant businessmen in suits when they walk, cool surf boarders when they slide on their stomachs and great athletes when they swim and leap out of the water! The scenery looks quite pretty too!

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Stefan S said...

South Pole

North Pole's the polar bears and Santy Claws

South Pole's the penguins

jkqxz said...

Thanks ss, you are right! I found
more information here!