Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scrabble Poll

Would like to conduct a poll on what you would do in the above situation.

Your tile is ENOPST?, where would you place your tile?

A) POTS H1 for 36 points with a very good leave of EN?. Quite possible to get a potential bingo on the next turn
B) POSTmEN 5D for 73 points. A safe choice that does not open up the board for your opponent and scores well.
C) NEPOTISm 2H for 74 points to open up two TWS cells. One person gets one TWS cell each. It is also possible for someone score a nine-timer and the person could be yourself.
D) Other choices, please explain


Hubert wee said...

Actually, PENTOSE e5 (94) is probably best.

jkqxz said...

You are right. I realised that after I posted it. What would you do if you had EMNOPST instead, i.e. the blank is replaced by "M"?

jkqxz said...
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Telepath said...

That is basically narrowing it down to POSTMEN vs NEPOTISM. NEPOTISM is probably what maven would prefer since it scores 7 more points, but it exposes many comeback lanes including a niner. POSTMEN is the safer choice by far.

The decision on which to play probably boils down to personal preference, as well as the opponent you're facing. Hubert would probably go for NEPOTISM, given his vocab, but you may opt for POSTMEN. Me? I'd flip a coin

Hubert wee said...

definitely POSTMEN, unless you are still behind by 100+ and need a chance for a 9-timer. 7 extra pts isn't much, considering that u are opening 2 TWS spots, and are probably giving your opponent >7 pts above average. Also 28 vowels out of 63 unseen, which is slightly vowel-heavy-increased chance of opp. using those TWS