Saturday, March 11, 2006

Interesting Talk on TV

Accidentally stumbled on this interesting talk when I was channel surfing. Pheonix TV has a weekly programme where an expert would give a talk on a particular topic to university students with a question and answer session after that.

The topic this week is on 中医的传统与出路 which would roughly translate to the historical value of Tradition Chinese Medicine and its future development. The speaker talked about the different mental models of Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine. Western Medicine breaks the human body into small sub-components so as to pin point the problem and destroy the virus/bacteria that causes the problem. Chinese Medicine treats the human body as a whole system and concentrates on strengthening the body so that the natural defences kick in.

It is also interesting to hear about the speaker's experience during the SARS epidemic and his views on the impending Avian Flu epidemic!

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