Saturday, February 11, 2006


Was deciding whether to stay for the next two screenings of British Animation at Singapore History Museum as Arts House was also having free screenings of Spanish films at the same time. Decided to walk over there and found that they were screening Atame! by Almodovar.

Atame! is an unusual love story between a kidnapper and his victim. Ricky was just released from a mental hospital and the first thing he did was to look up Marina, an actress whom he met a year ago during a one night stand. He kidnapped her to make her slowly fall in love with him so that he could lead a normal life with a job, a wife and kids.

What's interesting is the process by which the couple turn from enemy to friends. The lines were also quite funny. Antonio Banderas acted as Ricky and he looked very young in this film! The actress who played Marina also looked quite pretty!

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