Saturday, July 09, 2005

Resurrection of the Little Match Girl

The Korean film ROTLMG by Jang Sun Woo was shown in Singapore during the Hans Christian Anderson Film Festival and I love it! It is a remake of the story of the "Little Match Girl" with a science fiction / video game twist. The Little Match Girl is a computer character and to win the game, a player has to ensure that she freezes to death and die thinking about him / her.

I like the beginning that summarised the original story with a nice song in the background! The video game analogy is cool! There are lots of exciting gun fights, car chases, amazing martial arts stunt and special effects! I also like the intense training that the male lead has to go through to hone his concentration and the cute looking weapon that he uses in the end.

The actress who play the LMG is very versatile! She looks convincing both as the depressed little match girl and the resourceful expert fighter!

Highly recommended!

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