Saturday, July 30, 2005

Born Into Brothels

Saw this Oscar winning documentary during the Indigo film festival at the Singapore History Museum. The story is about a group of children living in the red light district of
Kolkatta. This is narrated by Zana, a photographer who gave them lessons on photography and one camera each to practice.

The children shot many nice photographs! I could tell how enthusiastic they are about this new found hobby! The film focusses on one children at a time to understand their background and why they are passionate about photography. The format of the film reminds me a little bit of "Spellbound" that is about a group of children preparing for the National Spelling Bee competition. The living environment in India is very poor as shown in the photographs and it help me understand why Indians work so hard in their studies and do so well in the Spelling Bee competitions.

BIB also explain how Zana help the children to get into a boarding school. There are lots of paper work to be done, much like what one episode of "The Amazing Race" described!

More details about the film can be found at

P.S. Just realised that two of the children have names that are valid Scrabble words (SOWPODS) while another two can be anagrammed to be one. See if you can guess who they are without the help of LexPert!

The children's names are: Avijit, Gour, Kochi, Manik, Puja, Shanti, Suchitra and Tapasi

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