Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jurong Green CC Cup 2012 (Day One)

This is my first time visiting Jurong Green CC after its renovation and it looked brand new! At least five overseas players were participating in division B: four from Indonesia and one from Ireland. Went for lunch with the Indonesian players before coming back for the first game.

Game 1: vs Gabriel
Gabriel is an NTU Scrabble player. I challenged three times unsuccessfully while he challenged off my TOYA*. I have mixed it up with HOYA and TOYO. We had one bingo each but he was able to score much better than me most of the time to win.

New words learnt: TOWY, ALOW, ECOS
My Bingos: NAILERS(61) Opp Bingos: RIOTING(79)
My Phoneys: TOYA*, GRIMS*(39) Opp Phoneys: -
My High Moves: GRIMS*(39), JOHN(30), VIRL(30), KI(41) Opp High Moves: ALOW(44), FEMS(50), TEX(31), EQUID(30), ROJI(36)
L 352-453, -101. 0W 1L (Accum spread -101).

Game 2: vs Reynaldo
Reynaldo was another Scrabble player from NTU. Had better luck this time round. I had two bingos against my opponent's one and was able to score better most of the time to win.

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: DARLINGS(61), PANIERS(66) Opp Bingos: GLUEING(81)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: TAJS*
My High Moves: BOWER(38), FY(32) Opp High Moves: VIBE(39)
W 436-329, +107. 1W 1L (Accum spread +6).

Game 3: vs Shahrul
Shahrul was working in Singapore Polytechnic. I was trashed by him as he had four bingos versus one from me.

New words learnt: RESOLING
My Bingos: CREATIN(76) Opp Bingos: BASInET(75), TRIAGES(69), PLAINEST(64), RESOLING(75)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: -
My High Moves: JAR(30), ZETA(33) Opp High Moves: MAFIA(35), YEA(34), TUX(32)
L 382-475, -93. 1W 2L (Accum spread -87).

Game 4: vs Eugene Kok
Eugene was the third NTU Scrabble player that I played. I had very good tiles to bingo three times to win but he scored well with the KQXZ tiles to stay not far behind.

New words learnt: STIRK
My Bingos: PREVENT(80), CENTERED(63), SODAINE(66) Opp Bingos: -
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: STRINK*
My High Moves: DOC(30) Opp High Moves: ZITS(39), QIN(32), DEX(33), SKIRT(36)
W 464-343, +121. 2W 2L (Accum spread +34).

Game 5: vs Albert Martono
Albert was the first Indonesian player that I played. He had very good tiles but I also gave many points to him as I took some risks to open up the board for myself. Think I may have given him the high game of the day.

New words learnt: POINDER
My Bingos: UNITERS(66), CLINGERS(72) Opp Bingos: GUINEAS(79), INeArTH(87), POINDER(100)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: rT*
My High Moves: OB(31) Opp High Moves: FOX(38), ITA(47), YEVE(36)
L 367-523, -156. 2W 3L (Accum spread -122).

Finished day 1 with 2 wins and 3 losses.

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