Friday, March 16, 2012

DSTA Inter-PC Scrabble

This is the first time DSTA is organising an inter-PC Scrabble competition and six people from various PCs took part: Chew Chuah, myself, Hung Peng, Seow Kie, Yew Hang and Peng Kee. We played a total of 3 games in straight King-of-the-Hill format.

Game 1 vs Seow Kie
I had ALIENED(76) and scored well with MAKE(40), ZAG(38), TRAYS(32) and JILT(36) while her UNCITE* was taken off the board. My TRAYS(32) was formed by front hooking the S to an existing CAP but she did not challenge SCAP* and I win easily by 434 to 225.

Game 2 vs Chew Chuah
I have not played Chew Chuah for a long time already and I knew he was a formidable opponent! He had WRONGED(81) and IONISED(67) while I had SHERIAT(96). I phonied with RAKIEST* and ETICS* which were taken off the board and I lost by 363 to 447. Missed the two anagrams for AEIKRST!

Game 3 vs Yew Hang
I had LATTICE(79) and he had TOURING(74). I also scored well with KAM(30), YIP(30), LOW(36), TUX(30) and DEATH(63) to win by 434 to 309. We had one phoney each and they were both challenged off. I had UNAILED* while he had ZOE*. Missed the two anagrams for ADEILNU!

In the end, Chew Chuah won first position with 3 wins. I won second position by having a slightly better spread than Hung Peng who won third position. It was fun but a little bit distracting to be the organiser at the same time. Would probably consider hiring an external tournament director the next time round.


Chew Chuah said... fast post on your blog. :)

jkqxz said...

Well done, Chew Chuah! Should have been a closer fight if I have remembered my words better!

First, I could have scored 95 points with KARITES front hooking the A to your QUA instead of playing the phoney RAKIEST* which was challenged off!

Then, towards the end game, I missed TOLANES which could have front hooked to an existing CUTE on the board.

Hope to play with you again in future tournaments!