Sunday, December 04, 2011

Causeway Cup 2011 (Day 5)

Round 40 vs Moses(Nigeria)
My third time playing Moses. Won with my INERTIA(69) against his EGOTISE(74) and SENTRIES(58). He almost had a third bingo GUANINE if one of the A on his rack was an I.

Round 41 vs Hanne Marks(Australia)
A rematch with Hanne. Missed an opening bingo with LOGOUTS when I decided to play OUTLOGS* instead as I remembered INBOXES* was no good in a previous game. Lost as she scored with MALTING(77) against my PLEASED(77) and RETAINS(62).

Round 42 vs Nidhi Singhvi(India)
A rematch with Nidhi. Won as I had FRAGILE(72) against her RESHINE(86). My STAN* and her DURATES* and FOXT* were challenged off.

Round 43 vs Steven Surya(Indonesia)
A rematch with Steven. Won as I had CREASED(76), RODENTS(87) and RUMbLED(89) against his ACCURATE(74), VENDERS(74) and TELAMON(77). He made two mistakes that gave me the win. First, he did not challenge off my DIPH* when I played HOI back hooking the H for 28 points. Then, he opened up the board with TIT, emptied the bag and allowed me to bingo out with RUMbLED(89).

Round 44 vs Martin Waterworth(Australia)
My third time playing Martin. Lost as he had WIRIEST(71) and OVERHAND(45) while I had TORNADE(73) and TRADING(73). Should have blocked the TWS lane with BAPU instead of leaving it open for him to score with WAXES for 45 points back hooking the S to BAP.

Round 45 vs Steven Surya(Indonesia)
My third time playing Steven. Both of us were out of top ten contention so it was more like a friendly match now. Lost as he had LUNGERS(79) and was able to score well in the end game while I and AUNTIES(72).

Won 25 out of 45 games in the end and was placed 24th position out of 84 players. Thought it was not too bad considering some of the mistakes that I made. Will miss participating in the Causeway Challenge as this is the last one being held.

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