Friday, December 02, 2011

Causeway Cup 2011 (Day 3)

Round 20 vs Nidhi Singhvi(India)
Won this young lady from India with my SHAFTED(91), NAILERS(79) and SOAPIER(69) against her ERASIONS(64) and ENTERED(62).

Round 21 vs Betty Eriksen(New Zealand)
Won this lady from New Zealand with my DETOURS(69) and BANDITS(68). Saw the bingo with a AEGILOS rack towards the end but I thought it was unplayable as I kept thinking there was only the A front-hook to an existing REW on the board.

Round 22 vs Colleen Walker(Australia)
Won this lady from Australia with my ETAERIOS(74) and ERINITE(73) against her SCOUTER(87) and SLANTED(72).

Round 23 vs Pasit Teeka(Thailand)
Lost to this small boy from Thailand as he scored well with DILATES(72) and QUITE(78) while I had nothing.

Round 24 vs Marcus Loke(Malaysia)
This must be my worst game ever in this competition. Lost to this intensely competitive teenager from Malaysia as he scored with CORNEAL(75), COMPRISE(92) and METTLED(76). I had a EENOSTV rack towards the end and tried LOVENEST* with a floating L on the board but unfortunately it was challenged off.

Round 25 vs Maureen See(Australia)
Lost to this lady from Australia as she scored with SPIRULA(77), ANODISE(73) and CARTAGE(91) against my STAINED(73). I could have opened with a bingo if I have played REFLUENT instead of FLUENTER* which was challenged off.

Round 26 vs Zeenath Ariff(Malaysia)
Won this lady from Malaysia as I scored with TEDIEST(93) and REGARDED(72) against her SINUATE(68). I also scored well with DIFF(40) and challenged off her BINED*.

Round 27 vs Jean Noonan(Australia)
Had a bye for this game to win 175 to 100.

Round 28 vs Adele Tan(Malaysia)
Lost to the president of the Malaysian Scrabble Association as she scored with LINAGES(66) against my PROBERS(78). My REGATED* was also challenged off.

Round 29 vs Jessie Lim(Singapore)
I was trailing behind this Singaporean Masters player until I finally found a bingo with SINUATES(66) and scored well with XI(52) using her UNCI on the board to win.

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