Sunday, January 28, 2007

Millenium Cup 2006 (Day Two)

Game 5: vs Wong Ying Quan
Was more than 150 points ahead when I bingoed with OCToPUS(74) and my opponent played a few phoneys. He held an EGIINS? rack one time and tried dIEINGS* and tIEINGS* but both were challenged off. He managed to play SINGERs(76) after getting rid of the extra I. This was one of the few games that I tracked correctly and I found out that he could bingo out with an AEELNRT rack and blocked it with LENS(32).

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: OCToPUS(74) Opp Bingos: SINGERs(76)
My Phoneys: CLIT* Opp Phoneys: DEA*, LEO*, dIEINGS*, tIEINGS*
My High Moves: ADZ(43), SEX(34), LENS(32) Opp High Moves: -
W 420-288, +132. 2W 3L (Accum spread -62).

Game 6: vs Low Bee Tiang
Our scores were quite close until my opponent played CURVE with the C on the TWS line. Had the choice of playing MU(22) on top of CURVE or CREAM(30) down the TWS line. In the end, I played CREAM(30) and Bee Tiang pulled ahead with QUEST(76) with Q on the TWL cell and T on the DWS cell!

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: - Opp Bingos: -
My Phoneys: STAN* Opp Phoneys: ETS*, OORN*, RINT*, DOGER*
My High Moves: CREAM(30) Opp High Moves: ZIG(33), TOTES(39), QUEST(76), YEW(30)
L 309-357, -48. 2W 4L (Accum spread -110).

Game 7: vs Chua Zhong Jie
A combination of my opponent's phoneys and having high scoring tiles on my part helped me win the game despite being outbingoed 2 to 1. Missed challenging NUP* although I knew it looked suspicious. I used to think DUH* was good as it was part of the vocabulary of Homer Simpson but remembered that somehow it wasn't in SOWPODS!

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: NERDIEST(60) Opp Bingos: ROUTINEs(66), SEATERS(71)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: OIR*, OIS*, DUH*, NUP*(29)
My High Moves: REH(32), EVADE(33), BY(30), NOX(47), RIZ(38) Opp High Moves: -
W 450-342, +108. 3W 4L (Accum spread -2).

Game 8: vs zzBye

W 150-100, +50. 4W 4L (Accum spread +48).

Game 9: vs Valli
Interesting to note that my opponent's first move was VALI which is similar to her name! My break came when I tried TALKIER(87) that turned out to be good when challenged! My opponent had very bad luck as she changed twice and phonied several times. Had the chance to bingo again towards the end of the game but I threw it away when I played something that blocked the two existing bingo lanes!

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: TALKIER(87) Opp Bingos: ASSIGNEd(59)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: PAU*, RETOWNER*
My High Moves: CORDS(38) Opp High Moves: ZED(33)
W 378-323, +55. 5W 4L (Accum spread +103).

Game 10: vs Ng Ming Wei
Start of the KOH round. Realised after the tournament that I could have gotten 3rd place if I had won all 3 KOH rounds. Alvin was placed behind me at this point in time and he eventually got 3rd place. My opponent scored well with the high scoring tiles and got away with several phoneys. Lost despite outbingoing my opponent 2 to 0.

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: NEWSIER(91), INFESTED(76) Opp Bingos: -
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: ZOEAEL*(23), WINT*(21), BORG*(23)
My High Moves: - Opp High Moves: ZOEAE(48), MEDIC(36), QAID(48), VEX(38), QUEY(48), PORN(30)
L 378-402, -24. 5W 5L (Accum spread +79).

Game 11: vs Ashley
My opponent had two blanks, all 4 S and JKQX while I only had the Z. Was basically thrashed by my opponent!

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: - Opp Bingos: LOUsiER(79)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: QUILTY*
My High Moves: FIZ(30), CAR(34) Opp High Moves: EXACT(39), KEEN(38), HUH(35), GNAW(31), TEENSY(62)
L 311-440, -129. 5W 6L (Accum spread -50).

Game 12: vs Low Bee Tiang
Was holding a ADDEILT rack and hoped that my opponent would somehow open an E out for me to bingo. My wish came true when he played BRAVE back hooking the R to iTEMISE and hitting the TWS line with the E. I had to restrain myself from calling out "Challenge!" as iTEMISER* looked very much like a phoney. Played DETAILED(149) as a nine-timer on my next turn! My first nine-timer in a tournament!

New words learnt: KALE
My Bingos: DETAILED(149) Opp Bingos: iTEMISE(81)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: MEaTIES*
My High Moves: HEW(40), LIMN(38), ZIN(32), FARO(31), QUAT(39) Opp High Moves: NOSY(30), AXIL(49)
W 475-386, +89. 6W 6L (Accum spread +39).

Had 6 wins out of 12 including a bye and came in 9th out of 13. Didn't do as well as I thought I should. Hope to reach above 1500 ratings by the end of the year!

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