Saturday, January 27, 2007

Millenium Cup 2006 (Day One)

My second time playing in the Millenium Cup. Decided to take part this year again as the venue happened to be quite near to my place at Hwa Chong Institution.

I went to HCI much earlier than needed to catch the div A players in action. Witnessed the exciting finish of the first game between Jiang Pern and Dorai where Dorai managed to bingo out to edge out a win with a DIMNOOS rack! After that, I had lunch at the pool side restaurant where I met Alvin, Huang Zhi and Bee Tiang who were also playing in div B. I saw a few more familiar players including Arul, Boon Hock and Thiam Yong back at the playing venue. Waited for a while more before the pairings were announced shortly after 1pm.

Game 1: vs Chen Huang Zhi
Was quite confident as I had played with him at the Causeway Cup last year. A bingoless game but my opponent tried BARINGS* and another bingo back hooking AJAR with S which I challenged off. Missed challenging AME* though.

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: - Opp Bingos: -
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: BARINGS*, AJARS*, AME*(25)
My High Moves: WIZ(51), LOX(43) Opp High Moves: -
W 392-260, +132. 1W 0L (Accum spread +132).

Game 2: vs Tan Boon Hock
Had lots of vowels at the start and played AIA right in the middle. Probably should have changed instead as my opponent placed BAKE on top of it to score 38 points! He also set up a bingo line across the TWS with NOD and bingoed with mInNIES(83) front hooking NOD with the S! Had DEMOTES(73) late in the game but was too far behind to catch up.

New words learnt: CLEPT, SNOD
My Bingos: DEMOTES(73) Opp Bingos: mInNIES(83)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: -
My High Moves: JAG(39), EX(39) Opp High Moves: BAKE(38), CLEPT(30), QI(31), ZIT(48)
L 374-417, -43. 1W 1L (Accum spread +89).

Game 3: vs Dewin
My first time playing with Dewin and he is a very polite guy who apologises for counting too slowly or overdrawing. He bingoed with RELISTS(91) first and I bingoed next with LINTERs(65) just below the TWS line. He tried FENnERS* later but was challenged off. I blocked one of the bingo lanes with EX but we realised after the game that two more bingo lanes were available: one back hooking the S to OLD and another front hooking the S to LINTERs. He put FENdERS(84) back hooking to OLD later not realising the existence of the other higher scoring bingo lane.

New words learnt: GOOPY
My Bingos: LINTERs(65) Opp Bingos: RELISTS(91), FENdERS(84)
My Phoneys: - Opp Phoneys: FENnERS*, MOVEN*
My High Moves: PEH(31), QI(44), EX(32), MEAL(31), JUN(36) Opp High Moves: DEMON(34), ZANY(32), GOOPY(49), WEFT(30)
L 357-461,-104. 1W 2L (Accum spread -15).

Game 4: vs Lee Thiam Hock
My first time playing with Thiam Hock although I have seen him several times at tournaments. He started well with ZINEB(52). I scored badly as I was trying to fish for bingos. Tried UNGASSED* with a ADEGNSU rack through an S on the board but it was challenged off! Lost badly in the end!

New words learnt: -
My Bingos: - Opp Bingos: MASsAGES(70)
My Phoneys: UNGASSED* Opp Phoneys: -
My High Moves: LEWD(32) Opp High Moves: ZINEB(52), CRONY(35), DJINNI(44), FOE(32)
L 244-423, -179. 1W 3L (Accum spread -194).

Finished day 1 badly with 1 win and 3 losses in 12th position. Hope to do better the next day!

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