Saturday, January 07, 2006

Singapore Shorts DVD Compilation

Bought this compilation of 9 award winning short films by Singapore directors on New year's day.

"3 Feet Apart" is a funny animation about the love story between a boy born with a handphone in his head and a girl born with speakers in her ears! They have to stay 3 feet apart otherwise a loud noise would be emitted from the speaker.

"Birthday", "Locust", "Mother" and "While You Sleep" are the more abstract pieces that focuses more on the emotions of the characters rather than the storyline. "Birthday" was a bit boring at times. Liked how "Locust" and "Mother" flash images while a narrator tells the story in the background. I also liked the black and white cinematography in "While You Sleep" and its minimalist style.

The rest of the films are: "Autograph Book", "The Secret Heaven", "The Call Home" and "Moving House". "Autograph Book" is interesting as they have people act out what they wrote in their friend's autograph book! "The Secret Heaven" had a cute little girl as the protagonist. "The Call Home" shows quite realistically the life of a foreign worker living in Singapore. "Moving House" is a touching documentary about a family moving their ancestors's remains to the crematorium as legislated by the government. The director of MH is very good at capturing people's emotions and I felt how sad the family were at losing their old traditions.

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