Saturday, January 21, 2006

Broken Flowers

The story is about a single middle aged man, Don, going on a journey to visit his old girlfriends. His girlfriend just left him and he received a mysterious letter saying that he has a nineteen year old son who may be looking for him. His friend, Winston, who is a self professed amateur detective persuaded Don to go on this journey to find out who is the mother.

Don is a very bored guy who watches TV and listens to music all day. During this journey, he visited four of his old girlfriends: Laura, Dora, Carmen and Penny. It is interesting to see how the different characters are living their lives after twenty years, which is a bit like a class reunion.

Besides the part about meeting up, I also liked how the director shows him sitting on the plane full of strangers or finding his way on his rented car. The journey itself is fun! The dream sequences by Don about what happened in the day looked quite cool! The ending is pretty interesting too! Hmm, reminds me a bit of "Lost In Translation".

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