Saturday, August 13, 2005

Scrabylon / Word Wars

Bought these two Scrabble documentaries during the National Day holiday and they are pretty interesting!

Scrabylon is about the 2001 World Scrabble Championship at Las Vegas. It explains a little bit about the history of Scrabble and why some of the players like the game so much. It is a straight forward documentary that shows the rational aspect of the game like learning the wordlist, having a good situation awareness of the board and calmly analysing the game after it has ended.

Word Wars on the other hand revolves its story around four players and how they prepare for the US Scrabble Nationals in San Diego. It reveals the emotional aspect of the game like the effect of Scrabble on the player's personal life, the carmaraderie among the players and the player's facial expression during the game itself. I especially like the the short and sharp video clip on the rules of Scrabble and the use of computer animation to virtually re-arrange the tiles on the screen itself! Had fun trying to guess the word before the time is up!

Watching the tiles fly around on the screen reminds me of a game in "Discovery Kids" on the Discovery channel where they show a zoomed-in view of a particular thing while giving many hints on what that is, one at a time. A time slider bar is shown at the side and it slowly slides from a score of fifty to zero. The objective is to guess what that particular thing is as quickly as possible. I always had fun playing that game too!

Picked up the following interesting anagram combinations from Word Wars. See if you can guess what they are without using LexPert!!


Learnt the following words from Word Wars:
WADI (n) a dry riverbed
ALIENOR (n) one who transfers property
JERRID (n) a blunt javelin
CLABBERS (n) a complex variation of Scrabble
TENTER (v) to stretch on a frame
GENTIAN (n) a flowering plant
DATELINE (n) the origin of a news story
NONLIFE (n) the absence of life
ESTUARY (n) an inlet to a river
BEDSORE (n) a sore caused by a prolonged stay in bed
OBLIQUE (adj) slanted
AZURE (n) a blue color
DOURINE (n) a disease of horses
VODUN (n) religion of the west indies
EGESTING (v) discharging from the body
VARNA (n) a Hindu social class
EXORDIA (n, pl) beginnings
SYLVITE (n) an ore of potassium
DJIN (n) a genie
RETSINA (n) a Greek liqueur
REVELRY (n) noisy merrymaking
ARENOSE (adj) sandy
QUAI (n) a wharf
FRUGAL (adj) thrifty
TWA (n) two
OUTBOXED (vb) surpassed in boxing
INARABLE (adj) unsuitable for farming
INDOLE (n) a chemical compound

Scrabylon: IMDB Link
Word Wars: IMDB Link

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