Saturday, September 17, 2011

International Shorts 1

Shanghai Love Market: A parent tried to find a girlfriend for their son through the match-making ads placed in a park in Shanghai. Liked the unexpected ending!

The Familiar: A young man explains what it takes to be an assistant to a vampire. Felt quite sad for the cute sales girl at the video shop.

Youche Harbor: A grandson tried to find the location of Youche Harbor in Taiwan where his grandfather was last seen many years ago by his grandmother. Nice scenery!

The Wonder Hospital: A person goes for a face make over at the hospital. Pretty abstract!

The Father: A father tried to make up for his family after being released from jail. Another abstract film that didn't explain a lot of things between the father and the son.

Derelict: A guard and a prisoner who broke out of jail tried to solve their personal grievances. Exciting chase in the beginning but the dialogue sequences towards the end were too long and hard to understand as it tried to convey a lot of background information.

The Mouse That Soared: A bird taught her adopted mouse how to fly but the mouse ended up in a circus accidentally. Liked this short the best as it is funny and sad at the same time!

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