Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sex is Zero 2

This is a comedy about college student life in Korea that describes the students' attitudes towards sexuality. It is also a sequel to "Sex is Zero" which is widely considered to be the Korean version of "American Pie". The first movie concentrated on how the lead actor who was in the martial arts club tried ways and means to get acquainted with the girls in the aerobics club. This time round, he is shown to have a top swimmer as a girlfriend at the very start.

The ridiculous tricks that college students played on each other were just as funny and gross as in the original movie but there was less emphasis on the aesthetics of sexuality this time round. Guess what makes a difference in this sequel is the depiction of the relationship between the lead actor and his girlfriend. The ups and downs in the relationship made me feel happy and sad accordingly and I thought some scenes were particularly touching!


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