Sunday, December 10, 2006

Scrabble Quiz

The above board position is from an actual game (last game of the Causeway Cup 2006).

Your score: 386 Tiles: ACDGILT
Opponent's score: 379 Tiles: ADEEIST

No more tiles in the bag.

It is your turn next. Is it possible to win?


aspiresg said...

Opponent has a homeless bingo: IDEATES.

My move 2B:LAC = 24pts (410pts)
Opp move: 15K:IDEES = 34pts (413pts)
My move: 5I:DIGIT = 14pts (424pts)

I finished up my tiles and get 4pts from opponents remaining tiles.

Final score: Me (428pts) & Opp (413pts)

aspiresg said...

BTW, GLACIEST is no good.

jkqxz said...

You won't be able to finish your tiles if opp puts IDEAS 5J. I think still good enough to win though.

My move: LAC 2B = 24pts (410pts)
Opp move: IDEAS 5J = 19pts (398pts)
My move: TIDE L2 = 10 pts (420pts)
Opp move: TE 1A = 14 pts (412pts)
(G) = 4pts (416pts)

Can't see any move that can score more than 18 pts with ET.

How about this?

My move: CLAD B2 = 20pts (406pts)
Opp move: IDEES 15K = 34pts (413pts)
My move: TIG 2D = 18pts (424pts)
+ (AT) = 4 pts (428pts)

Same result but much safer as it is not possible for opponent to block with two lines open for TIG: TIG 2D or TIG A4

jkqxz said...

Oh, GLACIEst* is no good!

I was quite confident of it when I put down ZIG to front hook to the existing LACIEst and my opponent didn't challenge!

jkqxz said...

Think I calculate wrongly for my previous post.

Opp move: TE 1A only scores 8 pts.
TEL F4 and ET 15M both scores 12 pts.