Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Scrabble Poll

This is adapted from an actual game to make the board more closed so as to limit the number of choices.

Your opponent just missed a turn by putting sHAFTED 11G as AJEES* was challenged off. Your rack is EINNORU. What would you do?


ballhawk said...


jkqxz said...

Maybe its not very clear in the diagram but there is an X in the TWL score cell position.

Telepath said...

Normally the best move would be REUNION F1 since its the only bingo spot, but with knowledge of your opponent's rack it becomes a terrible move, since a little thought would reveal a very easy niner.

I would ponder this for some time before changing (either UN or UNO, depends on my mood). This is to force my opponent to play sHAFTED at F1 the next turn. Hopefully I can have a good reply after that.