Sunday, June 11, 2006

Older Brother, Younger Sister

The story is about how the family relationship changes when one daughter came home pregnant but unmarried. The village people talk about them behind their backs and it affected the propspective in-law's opinions of her younger sister as well. The older brother scolds her whenever she is home and the parents are stressed by the incident too.

Noticed the many different ways the film showed the sister reclining on the floor in a relaxed posture which is pretty interesting! The family relationship is portrayed very well and the buns made by the mother look delicious!

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CSh said...

Hm. Film buff! Must ask you along next time we do a large group.

I wonder when Akeelah and the Bee opens. That would be fairly topical.

Have not met Kenneth Tan since Sec 4, come to think of it. I gather he has always been a film buff.