Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Scrabble Quiz

The above board is taken from an actual game.

I just played EE 14J and it is now my opponent's turn.
My score: 355. My tiles: ACDEEN?
Opp score: 331. Opp tiles: HIORTW?
Tiles in bag: -

Here are my quiz questions:
1) What is the best move for my opponent?
2) If he didn't play the best move and played WHO M2 for 30 points instead, what is my best move?
3) If I didn't play my best move as above but played DEAN N1 for 29 points instead, can my opponent still win?

Think Q1 and Q2 are obvious by checking LexPert. For Q3, found a move that will enable my opponent to draw. Can you do better?


Telepath said...

TIeR 14a is the answer to Q3. Still looking for a possible win.

Hubert wee said...

TIER looks best, but u should have played CANcELED

jkqxz said...

Just checked LexPert and ENCraDLE would score two more points than CANcELED.

By the way, answer to Q1 is OuTWHIRL.