Sunday, November 20, 2005

Singpapore Students Shorts Showcase

Saw this during the Animation Nation 2005 at the Singapore History Museum and it comprised of the following films:

The Art of War
The Battle of Bukit Chandu
Konnimo: Our Phantom Skies
Kung Food
The Other Side
Restricted Roads
Team Innovation

Liked "The Art of War", "The Battle of Bukit Chandu", "Kung Food" and "The Other Side" the best!

"The Art of War": The way the pac-man like soldiers slowly fall backwards when hit was quite cute!

"The Battle of Bukit Chandu": Most professionally done with a good story line and well choreographed action!

"Kung Food": Liked the matrix-like kung fu action and how the apple perspires out of fear!

"The Other Side": Interesting idea that the "person" on the other side of the mirror actually has to try very hard to imitate every action that one does! Pretty funny too!

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